“Bosca Ar An Ri”

“Thank you so much for the Bosca ar an Ri and the autographed picture! I love both of them so much! Receiving the box and autographed picture made my Christmas one I will always remember! It was the best Christmas present ever!”

~Ashleigh Songer, TN~

Customizable “Tool Box”


“My son loves his customized tool box! He carries it around and tries to fix and take a part everything around the house. It is a beautiful piece of wood work, and I am proud to call it Tyler’s first tool box.”

~Ashley Erikson, CA~

“Flat-Top Keepsake Box”

Custom Order – (Blue Exterior)


“Hey — I was just thinking about how much I like the box.  This is EXACTLY what I wanted.  I am a retired and am now busying myself with a new career of “language learning.” In doing so, I have amassed quite a lot of vocabulary cards — and these boxes you can make hold the cards perfectly.  In the future, I am going to probably need you to make me some more boxes so that I will have some esthetically beautiful containers to keep these cards in!  I am glad to see that you are following your passion and doing something you enjoy.  Your zest for wooden creations shines through into your boxes. Thanks!”

~Thomas, GA~

“Mini Treasure Chest”

Custom Order – (“Zelda Chest”)



“Dude just got it today and it’s awesome. It is literally the perfect size for the ocarina I got him
– there’s like an extra millimeter of clearance. Thanks again man!”
~Ryan W, CT~


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